Film - Treatment/ Plot

Das unbeschrieben Blatt 

v. 16b

(A Blanc Slate, Right out of your mind, Suryanamaskar)

By: Eric Giessmann

Genre film: Dude with a problem
Duration: 4-6 min
Characters: (all with a Typewriter head)
 A Man (Protagonist ) with a Typewriter head (Antagonist)
Joga- Folks 

Bus + Bus-stops

SFX and Musik

Freedom of thought.

A self-possessed man with a typewriter-head tries to get rid of his out-of-control thoughts.

A restrained, self-possessed man with a typewriter-head makes himself too much thoughts, tries to get rid of them and finds a compromise. From now on he uses his Paper in a pragmatic and creative way.

Act 1:
A man with a typewriter head sleeps badly because his head gives him no rest. The next day he goes to work. But he can’t concentrate because he makes himself too much thoughts. He drags himself home and makes more and more thoughts.

Act 2:
He sleeps poorly and woke up under a pile of paper rolls. His thoughts start getting faster and faster to type until he is finally forced out of the window and slayed down by them.
On the next day it’s getting worse. He almost can’t concentrate anymore.  A doctor issues a prescription to calm the mind. But then they begin again to flow out of his head. He desperately resists but must realize that he can’t stop it.
He runs off. Faster and faster get him his legs away from town while all these old thoughts are coming out of his head. At the top of a cliff he watches down to the city which is totally covered by his old thoughts.

Act 3:
On the next morning the cliff is empty. Everything is blocked by his old thoughts. He uses the still outcoming paper from his head to decorate the walls in his apartment and gives a child paper airplane.  He falls asleep happy and satisfied. His thoughts make him no more problems.

-         To clear you mind you need a compensation/ a new perspective.
-         Only cooperation works.
-         Without a thought there exists nothing.

by Eric Giessmann

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